Oh hey there. Well I am Jewel and this is my blog. I don't know what you all want to know...

I've lived in Montana my whole life. All nineteen years. Montana is not exactly the most exciting state to live in, so be psyched I'm writing about something. No, but in all seriousness I love Montana.

Okay. So who am I? Good question. This is what I've figured out.

I'm a University of Montana student with a double major in Spanish and French and a minor in Latin American Studies (AKA I have no f@*king life other than speaking Spanish and French and reading El Pais in my spare time).  I am kind of neurotic. I prefer to clean in the night time. Empty white walls freak me out. I call my dad with every minor problem in my life.

Things I Love: sarcastic people, coffee, reading books, speaking foreign languages because it makes me seem smart, discussing the zombie apocalypse, politics and where the two overlap, acting (theatre and film), singing (good and bad), slightly neurotic or crazy children, and scarves (I also strongly approve of the oxford comma).

Things I Hate: people who use big words to try to sound smart, people whose only goal is to dispute everything everyone on Earth has ever said...ever, broccoli, the book "All The Pretty Horses", politics and that awkward time I went to see "Step Brothers" with my mom and Will Ferrell put his balls on the drum set.

Right now my Mac is making a weird noise... it's freaking me out...