Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Douchey Blog for My Douchey Opinions

   This is a video response to some negative comments about my last post, "Holy Shiite Muslims! Osama's Dead!". My only really written post for today is to just say my favorite amendment from the Bill of Rights is the first. Freedom of Speech, Press, Peaceful Assembly, Petition and Religion. The marvelous thing about this amendment people forget is not only do I have the freedom to express how I feel, but you have the freedom to not read something that makes you feel uncomfortable. It's as simple as this. So instead of bitching to me about how you hate me and my opinions and I'm stupid for having them, do me a favor and take a breath and go to a different web page. If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it.
     Also, you do not need to be a blogger member to leave comments, and I would rather my facebook not become a forum for debate about your opinions vs. mine. I am more than willing to discuss these things over this media, but not on facebook. It makes you look shallow.
     Another clarification (God this is stupid), the feeling of happiness about the death of Osama bin Laden is normal. It is even healthy. It is called catharsis. Look it up. Would you like to know that I am educated on the topic? Okay. I have spent a year studying ancient greek literature and discussing how many of the books of Sophocles (Oedipus for example), Euripides, and other play writes are a form of catharsis not only for the writer but for audiences viewing the play. Catharsis is healthy, and I am not ignorant for going through this form of catharsis. I am human. I do agree with the statement that fireworks and such is probably overkill. But feeling happy about the death of a terrorist and celebrating the death of a terrorist are not the same. Finding this mean is important, but I am in no way celebrating and did not say that in my last post. I said I am happy and he better hope his god is merciful. 
     This is the first time I have seen our country this unified and seen liberals and conservatives agreeing on something in years. I am what I would consider a "moderate liberal". My entire family is "conservative". Our views are never the same, or at least hardly, but we all feel happiness in seeing the most wanted terrorist in the world dead (conspiracy theorists get the hell of my blog...). I think a big issue is some people feel that they are bad humans if they feel pleasure in the assassination of another human being. Yes, the premise is very inhuman, however this is a very special instance. I am sure my opinion on the matter is of no special meaning to people, but you do not need to feel bad for feeling happy about this man's death. He supported the killing of civilians. Not just our civilians, but civilians in Britain and the Middle East as well. 
     The man is dead. I'm not going to say we can sleep easy because for the last five or so years all Bin Laden was, was a poster child for Al Qaeda. Trust that our military is strong. Fear is what destroys a nation. We cannot show fear in the eyes of terror. There is no problem being afraid, but as a country we must be unified and present a strong front for the sake of our citizens. 


renarockaroo said...

Don't worry about haters, cough cough jessica kemp. ( i spelt it the way its supposed to be spelt)
she didnt have to read it if it offended her, you got it.
what i dont get is how someone can be so offended toward their own country. Thats what this country needs, unity.

anyways that sweater is sooooo ugly i love it!

jewel said...

Exactly. It's good to hear you've got my back!

I look like a white Bill Cosby. haha.

Anonymous said...

You spelled "douchey" wrong, and you also spelled "Muslim" wrong on the other one. Also, how do you expect to write a political blog whilst allowing comments and not receive some sort of criticism? I'm sorry, it seems silly.

Aubrey Anne said...

Dear Jewel,
I like your douchy opinions.

jewel said...

Thanks Aubrey.
I love walking in on your major meeting and making things really awkward for you and the professor... haha.
No but seriously I love you.