Contact Info

UPDATE: I made an E-mail just for this blog! So if you don't want to write a comment but still want to write to me you can send it to the address under the E-mail section on this page. How fancy! 

Facebook: I keep my Facebook for friends and family, so just don't look me up, I will not add you (most likely).

Twitter: @jewelsie_kins. You will be most likely to get a response if you contact me on twitter because I check it more often and my iPod and my phone send me little updates to let me know if someone has contacted me. Feel free to ask questions, suggest topics or just plain chat. I LOVE TO TALK.

E-mail: Feel free to send me questions, concerns, or just to chat about my stories or politics and society. Please remember to keep it respectful or I just will not respond.

Note on Comments: If all you have to say is something douchey, not productive to society or mean. Don't say it. I will just delete it. Feel free to express your opinion on anything I say, don't say, or anything of the sort. One of my least favorite things is censorship, but I do believe in self-censorship and I think people can be smart enough to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Then again, I'm surprised constantly.