Monday, May 9, 2011

Jewel and Jacey's Epic Day

     My best friend Jacey and I try to do something epic every time we are reunited after a long period of time apart. So today we decided to go climb shit (like I said... people in Montana like to climb shit). Instead of hiking the M we hiked Blue Mountain, which is a series of trails just outside of Missoula that gives a variety of inclines. Jacey and I got extremely pumped for our hike the night before and the next morning we were ready for some hiking action!
     This morning I woke up, looked out my window and it was completely overcast and slightly raining. That's the thing that bugs me about rain, if it's going to rain, it should just frickin' rain. Not drizzle. But this was not going to stop our epic day of hiking. So I hopped in the shower, put on some leggings and my favorite ugly sweater (I call it my Tijuana sweater) and a rain coat. When I got to Jacey's house she was wearing high water pants, her fire fighting boots that needed breaking in (she got a job as a fire woman in the summer) a rain coat and her hair was in a frizzy bun. The best way to describe us was a lesbian and her illegal Tijuanan lover.
     Before setting out though we decided to go get food at our usual spot, Taco Del Sol. I got my usual fish tacos and she got a mission burrito, but today I decided to get lettuce, salsa, and medium hot sauce on top of my fish, white sauce and cheese (I have an intense fear of new foods so this was epic). I ate one full taco, which honestly wasn't that big, but i'm not a big eater as it is and felt like my stomach would explode. Jacey ate a full 9 inch mission burrito and would have eaten my other fish taco if she liked fish. This is a common occurrence with us. She's like a garbage disposal that I can talk to.
     Once we finished lunch we hit the mountain. Let me preface this by telling you all that Jacey is training for a marathon and ran 20 miles the other day, and I'm doing good if I run three miles in a half hour at the gym. I'm out of shape. When we reached the steep part of the mountain I really began to feel how out of shape I was. Every few feet I would ask, "are we there yet?" as Jacey was commenting on how beautiful nature was. Eventually I would just say, "uh, yeah, it's great" when in fact I was looking at the ground cursing my birth in Montana and therefore my innate love of hiking. When we were about 100 meters from the top I said, "there better be something exciting special and glorious when we get to the top." She said, "There will be a woman singing opera, fireworks and an open bar." And you know what, there wasn't! And there should be! I bet people would be more excited to hike if there was someone at the top to sing them a song and crack them open a beer when they reach the top. I would take that job! I would love to sing songs to people once they reach the tops of Mountains, but the issue is that there is no one to sing to me when I get to the top of the mountain. This is where my plan is flawed and people must only find joy in being outside.
     On our way down though something amazing did happen. While standing on a rock pretending to be Lewis and Clark, Jacey and I said and the same time, "The wind is making me have to pee." HOW COOL IS THAT?! If that is all I got out of this day, saying that sentence at the exact same time as my best friend, I say this day is a success.
     The rest of our day was spent binge eating junk food. This is a bad habit of ours, and I'm not sure if you can say we exercised because of it, but you know what, climbing shit is not always about exercise. It's about the journey, and ours was kind of odd and looked like a lesbian was running away with a boarder jumper. But that just makes our day more epic.

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