Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haunted House

     Last May, my friends and I used to frequent our Friday evenings in our friend Nick's back yard with his bon fire pit, roasting marshmallows, flirting with the cute foreign exchange students, telling stories and being teenagers. It seemed like every time we all got together for a bon fire, we always ended up discussing a haunted house that was about five miles away from Nick's house and we would debate whether or not we should go explore it or not. After many Fridays of chickening out, we finally gathered up enough courage to go take a look.

     I was one of only a few of the group who had not already been to the supposedly haunted house yet, but those who had were absolutely terrified of it. My best friend Nicole said that you can see things moving around in the windows and hear weird noises coming from the building. The others backed her up. I, being absolutely intrigued by ghosts, was PUMPED (I'm probably the girl that either would a) be killed in a horror movie for going to investigate a noise or b) be the fucking boss of kicking ghost ass).

     We went into Nick's garage and dug around for some ghost hunting gear and found some flashlights and... well just a bunch of flashlights. Oh, and Sandy's (the hungarian exchange student) camera. I guess I couldn't expect to be up to par with TAPS from Ghost Hunters on SciFi (or however the hell they spell it now... losers), but I felt we were doing pretty well.
     After gathering our ghost hunting materials and bundling up in sweatshirts because spring nights in Montana are pretty frickin' cold, we piled into two cars and started driving to the house. Along the way I kept asking if houses were the house we were looking for, but Nick assured me that this house was the scariest damn house I will have ever seen in my life. I was skeptical... until I saw the house.

My soul peed its pants.
     We got out of the cars, but about a third of the group chickened out on the spot. We still had a good six people though to go exploring. I was ready. I wanted to see some ghosts. I wanted to see if this was just an old, creepy house, or if it was really and truly haunted.
     Surrounding the house were tall trees that looked like they hadn't had leaves on them in almost half a century. The grass was up to my belly button, crickets were chirping, and as it turned out only about half of the flash lights we brought worked. We decided to all hold hands as we walked towards the house because only two of us weren't really "afraid" of walking towards the house of death and doom.
     We had to walk around to the back side of the house because the front was not accessible due to extreme rotting of the front steps and such. I had to admit, the place was even creepier up close. It's not a place I would choose to hang out at for my birthday or a bar mitzvah. While we walked around the side of the rather large house, we noticed that all of the windows were broken out. When you shine the flashlight in the windows, the house seemed alive... it was not natural.
     People were starting to feel on edge and as we approached the back there was a large amount of red paint smeared across the wall that in all honesty resembled blood. My friend Cody and I certainly did not let the opportunity to make our friends more scared go by.

     While we were standing in the grass gathering up the courage to go into the house, something horrifying happened...

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