Friday, May 20, 2011

Farmville Induced Insanity

     About two years ago I logged onto my Facebook to notice a game request for something called "Farmville".
I ignored it for reasons a) I don't play games on Facebook and b) it looked stupid and no one could possibly want to waste hours of their day making a virtual farm when they could do much cooler stuff like stalk people's photos or "like" random sayings or phrases. You know, normal Facebook activities.

However, in one week literally every person in my high school was a virtual farmer.
     I suppose I really didn't notice the Farmville craze until my senior year, and my drama teacher in particular caught the fever. My second period every other day was a free period and I would go hang out in the drama room, do some art work, eat food, or sleep. I would always say hello as I entered the room, but my teacher always seemed a bit distracted.
So, one day I went into her office and saw she was on Facebook playing Farmville (This was her prep period... she didn't neglect students for Farmville... that would just be irresponsible).
     It got to be that every day I would walk into her office and unless she needed to do something for class or a show, she would be playing Farmville. Finally, I felt the need to ask what the deal was with Farmville. She said it was relaxing and then presumed to show me her farm in great detail.
     It wasn't only infecting adults in my life, but people my age too. My best friend in the whole world gets on Facebook and checks Farmville and Cityville rather immediately. At one point we got to her house, she checked on her Farm and looked right at me and said, "Remind me to check my crops before 2:00 tomorrow."

     Yes, I reminded her, and I'm not necessarily proud of it.
     I have this horrible nightmare that one day I am going to call every person in my contact list and each person is going to say, "I can't hang out today. I need to take care of my crops. You know how it is."

Then in my nightmare I go into public places and people are just sitting like zombies on their laptops grooming their farms, buying marry-go-rounds and helping lost cows find their way back to their friends' farms. It's madness... I quickly go insane.
I woke up from this nightmare hyperventilating.


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