Saturday, November 12, 2011


001 Well it's been about thirty years since I've written a blog post, however I am alive. Barely. I recently had walking pneumonia and I'm just now getting over it. FINALLY. I thought I would never be healthy again, but I am slowly returning to normal.

002 I have been relatively busy while I've been sick and feel rather accomplished with myself. I have purchased my plane ticket to Argentina and leave Feb. 1 for three months. I haven't exactly decided what I want to do with the blog while I'm there, but I definitely will be keeping up with it and posting photos and videos throughout the whole trip. I am thinking about doing vlogs once a week to show what I'm up to down there and keep things interesting. If any readers have any ideas of what would be fun to do on here while I'm traveling be sure to comment on this post or message me on twitter.

003 This semester is my busiest semester yet, therefore it will be hard for me to do daily blogs. I'm taking twenty credits this semester with three spanish classes, a french class, history and dance class. While also doing school I'm working on saving up for the trip and planning things in advance while I'm there. It's rather hectic, but I promise I will be blogging more than I have been.

004 I'm going to write a real blog post now with jokes and laughter and thoughts on life, but I wanted to fill you all in on my current happenings. I may do this more... who knows.

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